How to make eyebrows sharply faster and more beautiful with coconut oil

Beautiful and naturally beautiful eyebrows are what many women are aiming for. But to become the owner of perfect eyebrows is not easy, but if you do not know how to care for and nurture, then you can not get it!

Take a look and follow the way to thicken your eyebrows with coconut oil below to give yourself perfect eyebrows !

Method 1: Implementation steps:

– Remember to remove makeup for your face and eye area before you go to sleep. If you forget the mascara overnight, it makes your eyelashes easier to fall off and break. Gently remove it so that the eyebrows, eyelashes become more open.

– Use a little oil on your eyelashes, eyebrows at night to keep your moisturizer and help your eyebrows grow to look thicker. You can use castor oil or pure coconut oil.

– Massage the castor oil or coconut oil into your eyebrows, eyelashes and the area around them for about five minutes. Then, rinse. Castor oil or coconut oil promotes thicker eyebrows and eyebrows growth. You will see the results within a month.

– Make sure your body health is good. Because sometimes, losing eyelashes can also be a sign of an infection in the eyes or eyelids. Or dropping eyelashes can also cause eyebrows to fall off.

– Eyebrows and eyelashes, like hair, need essential vitamins to thrive and grow. Add vitamin B to help nourish the eyebrows … Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) helps metabolize protein, making eyebrows faster longer. Vitamins A and E help maintain and develop eyebrows.

– In addition to vitamins, you can supplement potassium, manganese, calcium and magnesium to develop lashes. Iron, copper, chromium and iodine help prevent the loss of eyelashes. Use sulfur, zinc, silicon and copper to grow your eyelashes.

– You should also add foods containing high levels of sulfur to your diet. Foods like eggs, beans, meat and onions contain high levels of sulfur, which promotes hair growth.

– Use an eyebrow brush to brush this though it does not make them longer, but it will provide the illusion of your eyebrows as thick.

– In addition, you can add gel hair to your brows look more dense.

Method 2: Stimulate the eyebrows to grow from inside

– If you want your eyebrows to grow better, thicker and faster then you have to stop spitting or eyebrows.

– Start taking vitamins for your body to help your eyebrows grow faster. Avoid high-iron vitamins as they can cause acne or worsen your existing acne. Just taking a daily multivitamin helps to stimulate the eyebrows, especially vitamin C, A, B3, and most importantly, vitamin E.

– Make sure you eat a variety of green vegetables and foods rich in vitamin E, amino acids to promote eyebrow growth. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for your body to release harmful toxins.

Method 3: Stimulate eyebrows to grow from the outside

Massage the hair follicles under your brows. To do this, you just need a smooth eyebrow brush to use it to circulate in the direction of the hair growth. Repeat 2 times a day.

Apply olive oil, coconut oil, vitamin E or Vaseline moisturizing eyebrows using a cotton swab containing natural oils and applying them on the eyebrows. This not only promotes fast growth of eyebrows, but also makes them thicker. Do 1-2 times a day.

Use an eyebrow pencil that is darker in color than your hair color so that the person on your eyebrows in the process you are waiting for it to grow back. Learn more about eyelashes to have beautiful eyes with long, black eyebrows and regularity.

Method 4 : Using eyebrows.

In addition to applying the ingredients available in nature or eye care nourishing eyebrows, an indispensable method to help your eyebrows always dense natural beauty is the use of eyebrows.

The ingredients in the eyebrow eye cream will quickly penetrate deep inside to stimulate fast growing eyebrows while supplementing the nourishing nutrients for each healthy eyebrow.

In addition to eyebrow eye cream also helps the eyebrow fight the damage of all cosmetic products, provide nutrients to keep your eyebrows full of vitality, against all conditions dryness lacks vitality.

The quicker and more beautiful natural eyebrows that will give you all the knowledge to nourish your eyebrows are always beautiful and attractive!

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